Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn, 2011

Holy Toledo, is it already six months since Cohen Hall has been updated? Well, since Lauren dusted off her travel blog and is rocking the Continent, why not take a moment to inform about domestic updates? Why not indeed!

We moved into Bag End -- if Bag End were a three-story townhouse on a side street between Rittenhouse and Graduate Hospital -- in April and damn, does it feel good to have a house. Not quite all to ourselves: we're renting, and our landlord (best landlord ever) was politely disapproving of us nailing into solid wood doors, but hey, what can you do at this point? We had a lovely summer of overpowerful air conditioning, the greatest deck herb garden in the world, and a lot of travel. Mostly Lauren, of course. (My eyes for a job with vacation days...) But we did have the best vacation ever, to Vermont and then to a yoga retreat in Massachusetts. Saw some fabulous people get hitched and fell in love with the state (all over again and for the first time). So yeah. It's been a good time. We're cosy and comfortable and snug.

I'm starting a new job in a week and a half, plus continuing my present one remotely for a month, so you will not hear hide nor hair (hare) of me in November, most likely. What else? I'm playing soccer now, and I'm actually halfway decent at forward and midfielder. Bizarre what you discover at the tender age of 39. Coco is the size of the A-Team van and has a new favorite activity, pouncing on Bella and zealously guarding the staircase. Ok, two favorite activities.

Hmm, I can see why we don't update this one too often. Domestic bliss is not the most compelling subject matter. ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Springtime for Cocovan

Cohen Hall! Hello! You remember this one!

Oh, who are we kidding? We've been slacking. Winter hit and both of us went into total hibernation. We got fat and watched way too much Buffy and basically hunkered down with a platoon of cupcakes. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

But now! It's March, and things are in motion once more!

The biggest news is that we have found a new apartment. Actually, it's better than an apartment; it's a house! Our own house, a mere block away from our current place. Lauren did the legwork and gets all the credit for this one; our very own Bag End in Philly. As soon as we get pics, we'll give you a sneak peak. We're targeting mid-April for our move, so if you want to help -- and I know you do! -- let us know. We can pay in various foodstuffs and maybe even beverages.

I just got two wisdom teeth taken out. I've been grousing about it to everyone. Now that includes you! Word to the wise: never get wisdom teeth taken out. Ow ow ow ow ow.

Lauren has been learning the ways of the personal essay and of ancient Greek magic in her new grad school adventures. There may yet be more of these, but I'll let her write about those.

Coco Chanel Cohen-Hall is proving herself Least Appropriately Named Cat Ever, as she steadfastly refuses to attain any timeless grace or dignity. Her favorite activities include drinking from the toilet and going through the office trash can for used Kleenexes. Also, she's as big as a zeppelin. It's sorta terrifying. She's not even one yet, and we're already thinking of gastric bypass. We have a huge, slovenly, oblivious cat-daughter that is a tank with claws. If she weren't impossibly sweet and loving, we'd be in real trouble.

After the inertia of wintertime and having my mouth professionally mauled, I'm looking forward to warm temperatures and running around like a maniac. LET'S DO IT, PEOPLE.