Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Autumn Times

November in Philly is decidedly weirder than it was in Boston. November 1st hits New England and boom, you're locked into 40-degree-and-under weather until April. November in Pennsylvania has brought its share of cold days, but also its share of low-60s/high-50s stretches. It's very odd.

Since last we wrote, Lauren has been traveling like a crazy person. I have hosted two friends on my own, one of whom was Mason. Yes, the script is finished. First draft, anyway. I can't think about it yet. It's sort of insane that we got it done. Soon it'll be time to revise, but for the moment my brain is content to recuperate a bit. Writing is hard work; writing a 100-page script in three days total time is mind-boggling.

The two days spent finishing the draft, though, were right after Thanksgiving, which itself was cut short because I had to work on Friday and collect contractor dollars, so on Thursday we raced to Lancaster with Little Cat, ate vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, did a puzzle, and then I had to bring Little Cat back to Philly so I could then drive to deserted Delaware on Friday. Then I had to pick Mason up from the train station on Friday afternoon and spend the weekend cranking out the script. Accounting for the fact that Lauren's week previous involved three cities in the South, plus a day trip to New York with Celia, I can see why she elected to take the Thanksgiving weekend in Lancaster while Mason and I foamed at the mouth in Philly. And then while she was in Raleigh/Atlanta, Kevin was visiting me before shipping off to L.A. and OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING??? No wonder most of November seems like a blur!

And it doesn't stop! This weekend, Lauren and I make the journey to South Florida to visit the Cohens for Hannukah times. The aforementioned weather difference between Boston and Philly means that Coral Springs isn't the shocking oasis from winter hell that it once was, but it'll be nice to see the family. (I think.) After that, though, things should be calmer. Lauren is taking advantage of her Penn-granted holiday break to take a sojourn into the Southwest, visiting Megan and going on a bit of a spiritual retreat. I'll be working in Delaware (barring a sack of money falling in my lap), alas; I might travel up Boston-way for NYE, but I'm also inclined to stay local this year...

If you know us, you know we have decidedly mixed feelings about Philadelphia. That says nothing about the fantastic friends we've made here. In a week or so, we're hosting Latkefest, and it's going to be a pretty darn big party. We've made friends here, established ties with some really great folks, and that's a huge accomplishment. The move to Philly was kinda hard on me -- unemployment, not finding my niche, having to scramble way out of my usual comfort zone -- and to be able to celebrate with friends in this new city is something I'm really looking forward to. My usual impulse is to go Somewhere Else; now I'm realizing the pleasures of Enjoying the Present.

SPEAKING OF PRESENTS. holidaysholidaysholidaysgiftsgiftsgifts. GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMME.

Sorry. Even at the ripe old age of 38, it is apparent some things are not easily changed.

MANDATORY CAT UPDATE: Coco now outsizes Bella. Coco is so large, she could no longer fit into this blog post. Coco is so big that Kanye put her in his newest album. Coco is so megagargantuhuge that it is hard to forget that she is just little.

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