Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thank you for being a friend...

I dare you to read that headline and not burst into song.  Oh, Golden Girls.  You were ahead of your time and still outclass 95% of network programming.

But that is not the theme of this post.  Mais non!  Cohen Hall has been surrounded by fabulous friends of late, and we have many adventures to share.

Earlier this month, we traveled to California for a long weekend that was so much fun, it should have been illegal.  We booked a fabulous bungalow on Venice Beach, piled into Fran's two-door car with 4 friends, 3 guitars, and far too much luggage (I'm looking at you, Johnny), and proceeded to do Many Things Which Were Awesome.

Here is the bungalow.  I want to move in permanently.


Here is the garden at the Getty.  I want to move in permanently.


Here is the view from Malibu Beach.  I want to move in permanently.

And so it goes.  We also ate some amazing food, celebrated Frannie's birthday, wrote the longest stream-of-consciousness song in the history of the world, and met up with Scott's LA crew from back in the day.  It was a jam packed trip with not nearly enough time to do and see.  sigh.  West Coast, why so far away?

Fortunately, there was no time to get too emo about it.  The equally friendtastic Mason and Carie graced us with their presence the following weekend, and we proceeded to do Many Other Things Which Were Awesome.  There was delightful food and wine at Garces Trading Co.  There were laugh-out-loud al fresco drinks with the ever-fabulous Charles & Celia.  There was a Zoolander movie night.  (That Hansel, he's so hot right now.)  But perhaps most importantly of all, there was the PA Renaissance Faire.

Let me back up a moment.  You need to understand that this isn't just any Ren Faire.  It's hands down the best one on the East Coast.  I know this because NYC actors willingly make the trip to middle-of-nowhere PA just to attend.  And that's saying a lot.  Also, this is the Ren Faire of my childhood, where I would return multiple times each summer to flirt with 35-year-old ponytailed men who spoke in Ye Olde Dialects.  In other words, it was the most fun $15 could buy in Lancaster Country circa 1992.  Or probably ever.

Twenty years later, so much has changed.  The rustic, almost-legit Faire of the 90's is gone, replaced by a gigantic, over-the-top theme park where 90% of the actors don't attempt dialects, and everything costs too much.  There are live elephant rides, for crissakes!  But somehow, it was still a lot of fun.

Behold Mason the Wizard and Harold the Owl!

Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts!

The gathering of bumper stickers you don't often see in Lancaster County!


Bless you, PA Ren Faire.  Long may ye reign.

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