Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cohen Hall Sports Club

Cohen Hall has gone fitness crazed.

This morning, I arrived home after my 5K run to find Scott on the yoga mat, doing the Lithe sequence I taught him.  (His form was excellent, by the way.)  Both cats were watching intently, and Coco was especially interested in assisting with tricep dips.  Come to think of it, now that she's grown a bit, she'd make an excellent five pound free weight.

But back to running.  I broke a 12 minute mile today, ya'll.  This means two things: 1) I am making progress and 2) I am still embarrassingly slow.  I have decided to enter a local 5K race on September 11th, and I WILL complete it in under 30 minutes.  Or, you know, die trying.

With that in mind, I devised a training plan for my 5K loop.  It goes like this: run a mile, walk two blocks, run a mile, walk two blocks, run a half mile, walk two blocks, sprint the final quarter mile.  This morning was my first time trying it, and I actually made it through in just over 36 minutes.

Lessons learned:

1) Sprinting is still the best thing ever.  I wish I could sprint for longer than a quarter mile, but considering this short distance nearly made me puke today, I don't think that will be happening any time soon.  On the plus side?  I am wicked fast when I want to be.

2) Again, I was reminded of what a mental sport this is.  I told myself I would run a mile without stopping, and I did.  When it was time to walk, I didn't really need to stop, but I did anyway because I had told myself I would.  Hmm.  Maybe I need someone other than me telling me when to walk and when to run.

3) God bless Springsteen.  He shows up in my playlist somewhere in the final mile and just kills it. 

A marathoner at work told me that I need to add one longer (say, 5 miles or so) run into my weekly schedule so that when it comes time to do the 5K race, it feels short to me.  That doesn't sound like bad advice.  I'd have to walk more, for sure, but I think I could handle it.

Is anyone else training for a race?  Do tell!

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  1. I'm not training for a race, but I do love some Bruce. He always rocks me through that last 500m on the rowing machine.