Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cohen Hall Presents: A Tragicomedy in Five Acts (with apologies to Samuel Beckett)

Act 1

Coco: Let's go.

Bella: We can't.

Coco: Why not?

Bella: We are waiting for Godot.

Coco: Ah!

Act 2

Next day.  Same time.  Same place.

Coco: You again!

Bella: Don't touch me.

Act 3

Coco: What'll we do, what'll we do!

Bella: Will you stop whining! I've had about my bellyful of your lamentations!

Act 4

Bella: Moron!

Coco: Vermin!

Bella: Abortion!

Coco: Morpion!

Bella: Sewer-rat!

Coco: Curate!

Bella: Cretin!

Coco: Critic! 

Act 5

Coco: Well? Shall we go?

Bella: Yes, let's go. 

They do not move.


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  1. granddaughters!! .... and baby Coco is getting very we expected with her Maine Coon ancestry. Maybe she will be able to tame the beast in Bella.....we can only hope. :) oxox