Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sup, Cohen Hallers. HALLER.

MAJOR announcement re: additions to Cohen Hall. Ladies and gents, please meet Coco Chanel Cohen-Hall:

She is an adorable Maine Coon kitten, about nine weeks old. We found her through the marvelous people at PAWS. She was being fostered with her littermates, and when we went over there to check out the advertised long-haired female, this one stood out immediately. She was playful without being aggressive, fearless, and super cuddly.

"Why'd you get a new kitten?" Well, when we returned from France, Bella had lost her damn mind. Imagine a week of endless mawing, complete neediness, obtrusiveness to the point of stalking, and so much emo poetry that she could have started her own record label. The cat was just damn lonely. So we got Coco partly because we'd wanted to for a while, but mostly as a friend for Bella.

Not that she's actually aware of our intent, for Bella has become Princess Hissyface ever since Coco's arrival. It's been a little frustrating. See, last Sunday we picked her up and actually went directly to the Hall enclave in Lancaster for Father's Day (where Tom HA!! nearly kept her for himself). Coco was relaxed, playful and handled Livvy the Yippy Dog with aplomb. Then she gets home, has Bella hissing at her every two seconds, and is confined to the office until her vaccinations are done. WOMP WOMP.

Actually, it hasn't been that bad, it just seems like a lot when ou have a tiny tiny kitten squeaking and crying because she can't run around and play. Now that we're introducing the two of them, they are getting on...well, better than expected. Coco pounces on Bella, Bella hisses and bats her on the head, Coco runs away to regroup...and then pounces on Bella again. She's learning, slowly but surely. It's the best entertainment money can buy!

From my (Scott's) own perspective, it's been enlightening. I've never really had puppies or kittens this young, so to have this tiny tiny creature in my hands was moving. Folks: I cried. I did! Like a little baby. It was really something. I have a feeling this kitten is a bit of Daddy's girl. Except that she keeps trying to nurse from me. Disconcerting, to say the least.

And we keep singing the song from Coco Before Chanel.

So life is still a bit topsy-turvy as we not only still recover from Not Being in Paris, but adding a new and adorable kitten-daughter into the house. Cohen Hall is nothing if not exciting.

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