Friday, June 4, 2010

Adventures in France, Day 3

Having slept through most of Thursday, we decided to set our alarm this morning. It worked...sort of. We finally left the hotel around 10 AM, planning to explore the parts of Versailles we missed the day before. Unfortunately, hundreds of Hungarian protesters had other plans, and these plans involved loud demonstrations and poor singing outside the Grand Trianon. (We later learned that today is the 90th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, which pretty much sucked for Hungary.) Ah well. At least there were jaunty French policemen on horseback.

An hour later, still uncaffeinated, we decided to head back into town in search of coffee. We found it, along with this helpful sign:

Then it was off to lunch at an outdoor cafe. We decided it was time for crepes, and were delighted to discover that they came with outstanding sparkling cider, poured from unmarked glass bottles into large ceramic cups. We still don't know what the hell was in it (i.e. if it contained any alcohol or not), but it was fantastic -- light, crisp, and not too sweet. Or, in the words of our waiter, "perfect for the pancakes."

And here are the yummy crepes. Ham and cheese for Scott, sausage and cheese for me:

After yet another stop at our favorite ice cream shop, we trekked back to the hotel for some much needed downtime. Scott braved the joyless pool while I did some writing and sent a few postcards via the concierge.

Since it was our final night at the Waldorf, we decided to dine in one of the hotel's overpriced Gordon Ramsay restaurants. We chose the more "casual" of the two, La Veranda. The food was...okay. Perfectly respectable. But did it make us coo with delight over its creativity and dancing flavor profiles? Non. Not so much.

The best part of the dinner was the view. Check it out:

Sadly, not pictured is the amazing white horse doing somersaults in the pasture. This is the scope of our dorkery: as the horse ran by, we immediately said (in unison), "He's been my friend through many dangers." Oy.

And now we're back up on the balcony, watching the sun set over Versailles for the last time.

Bonsoir, mes amis.

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  1. Love the LOTR dorkery...and living virtually through your amazing honeymoon.