Friday, June 11, 2010

Adventures in France, Day 10

One thing is for certain, mes amis: the French version of LIES. Today was supposed to be a non-stop thunderstorm, but instead we were treated to a cloudless sky and 75 degree sun all day long. Not a bad way to spend our final day in Paris, bien sur.

We had a few vague destinations in mind -- a couple of shops in the Marais that we wanted to peek into, a menswear place for Scott near Chatelet, some gifts we needed to buy in Saint Germain des Pres, a final ice cream cone at that fabulous place that makes the frozen roses -- and we decided to do it all on foot. Which, according to Google maps, puts us at around 8 miles of walking today. In flip flops. We are totes hardcore.

Of course, Paris being Paris, there were several surprises along the way. First off, the free exhibit at Hotel de Ville was actually open! Without a line! It's been a running joke that I NEVER seem to make it into the HdV exhibits, which always look so cool. One time it was Grace Kelly, but the day I went the line was wrapped around the building in 90 degree sun. Another time the exhibition had something to do with theatre, but the building was closed for "unexpected reasons." This time, magically, we go to go inside. And guess what the theme was?

Yup. Wedding photos from all sorts of different weddings across Paris. It was super cool and unbelievably honeymoon appropriate.

We decided to cut across to the left bank through Tuileries, mostly because it was convenient, but also because we hadn't yet paid a visit. Here are a couple of photos:

One of the photographers from last night had told us that she often sees Lagerfeld in his home neighborhood of Saint Germain des Pres, so we made it our mission to have a Karl sighting while running some errands. Alas, we did not see the man himself. But we did see about 1,000 images of him plastered around the 6th.

After a quick crepe lunch on the run, it was back over to the right bank and our favorite Paris ice cream spot for one final cone. I went cherry and vanilla this time, and they topped it with an actual cherry! LOVE.

Once we made it back into our neighborhood (the Marais) we grabbed a cafe table for some cold drinks and people watching. Here are some of my favorites:

These guys are SO Marais. The one in the front is carrying a legit Birkin, and the one behind him has an enormous Chanel logo splashed across his black sequins. Which I sadly did not capture on film. le sigh. Marais, j'adore toujours.

Action shot of a biker. At home, he'd be a hipster. Here, he's just French.

This one came out super blurry, but I kind of like the "painting" vibe of it. Also, this girl was tres French and we both carry the same bag.

Okay, so you guys know by now how much we love this city. So it's okay if we now call it out on a few questionable choices, right? Consider it tough love, if you will. We're calling it:


Item #1: Why all the signage for this straight-to-DVD film starring Richard Gere and what appears to be Mr. Winkle?

Item #2: Is it really necessary to place condom dispensers in public places? Don't get me wrong, safe sex is a great thing. But please consider your audience. THIS IS OUTSIDE A GROCERY STORE.

Item #3: No one likes a frou-frou McDonald's. You're missing the point here.

Item #4: Black pantyhose have not been stylish since 1989. I don't even know where you manage to find them anymore, but clearly half the women in Paris do.

Item #5: While we're on the subject of fashion, I am very concerned about the prevalence of giant, puffy pants. As if it is constantly Hammer Time in your country. Alas, Paris seems to have embraced these with great affection, which does not bode well for what we'll be seeing in the U.S. circa 2011.

We would also like to take issue with the questionable renaming of A-Team characters (seriously, who the hell is "Looping?"), but we still need to take a photo of the offending poster, so that will have to wait.

As will the rest of this blog. We're off to final dinner at our favorite restaurant, Gaspard, so we'll see you all back on the Stateside. A bientot!

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  1. Oh, those pants! You won't escape them, I fear. They were all over Buenos Aires last Xmas and I assumed it was some horrendous South American fashion only to come back to London mid-Jan and find they had already reared their puffiness here in my absence. I hate them so much.